Monday, April 2, 2012

The search for new space - a shamanic quandary?

Recently the doctor who owns the space where my wife and I have our offices told us that we needed to find a new location as our office spaces were going to be needed for her practice. This space is a hard act to follow, as it is very much what we want in office space. It's an old house that was completely renovated, with wonderful natural light, hardwood floors, high ceilings, reception area, and an elevator.

So – for the past month, we have been scouring Cincinnati for something that would seem like a step up instead of a spatial demotion. We've narrowed the search down to a few places, each of which has its upside and its downside, which is where the quandary lies: In asking the spirits for their input, I keep getting "it's up to you. Make a decision." This is the same sort of situation so many of us find ourselves in. Presented with multiple choices, none of which is clearly the "right" one, we wish that the "Universe" would magically make the decision for us. Instead, it is a part of the process of awakening (and maturation) that we must make the choice ourselves – accepting the responsibility for whatever comes of it.

So - sometime in the next week or two – we will bite the proverbial bullet and make a choice between these different locations...assuming that the spirits don't present us with yet another option which is so clearly superior to the others....

I'll let you know.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

moving forward...slowly

So - some new things on the horizon. I am working with a team to put together a webinar introduction to Post-Tribal Shamanism. If that goes well, I will move forward with putting more of the teachings into webinar format. I am not sure how much of them will actually translate to the web, but we shall see.

Also - it has been suggested that I open this blog up to other folks to write in, so that it maintains a more consistent presence than I have been able to manage on my own. With this in mind, I would invite any of my advanced students or apprentices who have an interest to contact me about writing "guest appearances" here. They would need to be on topics related to Post-Tribal Shamanism, but other than that, I think it's a pretty open forum.